• Castello la Leccia

    Yoga and Shiatsu

    Our Yoga teacher and holistic health pratitioner Rudy, organizes Hatha Yoga and Shiatsu classes here at Castello La Leccia.

    Lessons take place in English or Italian language.

    Rudy has worked for years as a craniosacral, osteopathy, kinesiology and Shiatsu practitioner.

    After starting to work with some local spas as a massage therapist, Rudy started to integrate traditional massages with simple and effective Shiatsu, osteopathic, kinesiological and craniosacral techniques.

    This is what he has been proposing for a long time to accomodation facilities and clients. In addition to the benefits of a massage, he offers the expertise of a professional. Thus, we provide our guests a variety of natural wellness.

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