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    Written historical sources mention Castello La Leccia as early as 1077, when the nobleman Rodolfo di Guinzo acquired part of the castle. Considering the strategic importance of its position, the rights of the castle were divided between 16 different owners. Around the mid 1400’s, the castle, as well as most of the Chianti area was annexed to the dominion of the Ricasoli family.
    Reports of raids and devastation, but also a deep passion for the ancient practice of wine-growing, can be noted in the sorrowful letters written by Andrea Ricasoli in 1529, during the bloody conflict between Siena and Florence: “…perhaps fifty Sienese solders came to my dwelling in Chianti called la Leccia where…..they burnt all that was in the place….and 200 barrels of wine in the cellars were all spilled….”.
    During the XVIII Century, the Castle, in whose hamlet around 70 people resided, began to take on the appearance of a manor house due to the modification of part of the structure. In 1920, the entire property was bought by Giuliano Daddi and during the course of the second world war, in July 1944, the hamlet, occupied at the time by German troops, was heavily bombed and ultimately part of the tower, the last testament to its medieval structure, was partially destroyed as well as a wing of the villa of the 1700’s.
    After more than four years of careful and conscientious restoration of the Castle and its surrounding gardens, with the precious input of the Architect Alessandro Loni Coppedè, in 2012 the castle has once more been filled with life and has been returned to its ancient splendor.
    Eco-friendly materials and techniques have been used to rebuild, as faithfully as possible, the noble stair way of the 18th century villa, irrevocably destroyed by the bombings of July 1944, with the aid of old family photographs.
    In 2018 the baton was passed to Rolf Sonderegger and his family who, with the same passion and commitment of former times, are managing the Castello La Leccia. Thanks to the dedication and attention with which our collaborators perform their duties on a daily basis the values ​​of respect for the environment and nature are renewed.

    We are Castello la Leccia

    Guido Orzalesi
    General Manager
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